Who Would Be in the Science Fiction Justice League?

The impending DC Universe reboot, the forthcoming Avengers film, and X-Men: First Class, has the Tor.com team thinking about all star line-ups, and not just in regards to comic book superheroes.

The Avengers and the Justice League of America in particular seem to be more about sorting through one’s toy box and assembling the best of the best without regard for chemistry between characters. This got us thinking… who would be in a science fiction version of the Justice League?

Read on to find out who we picked! And definitely chime in with your own.

The Doctor

This one was a no-brainer. In the sci-fi Justice League, the Doctor would serve a similar purpose Superman serves in the JLA. However, the Doctor would likely have elements of Batman’s absenteeism insofar as he would be popping in and out of meetings with irregularity and inconsistency. It’s also possible the other members of the League would get sick of him constantly looking different every time they see him. However, because of his vast knowledge of the universe, his huge intellect and his “Time Lord powers” the Doctor would be essential.

Kara Thrace (Starbuck)

Despite accidentally shooting Lee that one time, Starbuck is for the most part a crack shot in and out of the cockpit. She has also demonstrated her ability to put together out-of-the-box strategies that make the tactical prowess of Kirk and Riker look like child’s play. Starbuck is tough, resourceful and above all extremely human. A lot of the members of the sci-fi Justice League are going to be non-humans. We need Kara to keep them all in check.

Paul Atreides

The Kwisatz Haderach might actually be in competition with the Doctor for leadership of the sci-fi Justice League. Beyond being able to show sandworms who’s boss, this guy is literally the messiah. Paul’s powers are unique because they come to him slowly over time as he matures and comes into his own. For this reason, the version of Paul we’d want in the League would be the guy we know at the end of the first Dune novel.

Luke Skywalker


Like Atreides, we would be rooting for a specific version of Luke here, in this case, the postReturn the of the Jedi Luke, during the period where he’s building up the Jedi Academy would be ideal. A sci-fi Justice League wouldn’t be complete without a Jedi in it, and we think of all of them, Luke is the most well-rounded. In addition to his basic Jedi powers (mind control, telekinesis, owning a green lightsaber) Luke at this stage of his life is also pretty Zen and would bring a Martian Manhunter quality to this outer space league. Anyway you look at it, at the end of the day, if you have to choose one person from Star Wars, it’s got to be Luke.


As with Luke, this was a tough call. From all of Star Trek it is really hard to pick just one person for the sci-fi Justice League, but if you think about it for one second, it’s got to be Spock. His super powers are apparent: mind melding, neck pinch, and super logical, and like the Doctor, extremely intelligent. As the X-Men/Star Trek crossover back in 1996 alluded to, Spock has a lot in common with Beast. He’s also stronger than the average human, and as such is essential for a superhero team. It’s funny when you start to tally them up, you realize Spock has more superpowers than a lot of actual comic book superheroes!

The Terminator

Every team needs a bad-ass dark horse, and the Terminator would provide the sci-fi Justice League with much needed muscle. Naturally, this would be the second version of the T-101 from Judgment Day, because we all know the first version was evil. (Terminator also has the superpower of naked time traveling, but we imagine he might just prefer to hitch a ride with the Doctor if given the opportunity.) Not to mention, no sci-fi Justice League would be complete without a robot of some kind.

Ender Wiggin

Ender's Game ebook art by Sam Weber

We need the boy wonder, right? Ender Wiggin has a tactical brilliance in his boyhood that most military men don’t manage to achieve ever. If the sci-fi Justice League is going to deal with some serious space battles, they better have this guy. (Can you imagine planning sessions with Ender and Starbuck? Holy cow.) Also, unlike Wesley or Adric, Ender is a boy genius that actually ends up being cool.


Assuming Trinity can transfer her Matrix powers to other computer networks, she would be extremely handy in all sorts of scenarios. Of all the people from the Matrix, Trinity seems to be the most competent. Sure, Neo is more powerful, but dangerously uneven, and not so capable without support from Trinity, Morpheus, et al. Trinity is steady, smart and full of numerous talents.

That’s our sci-fi Justice League! Like the classic Justice League, it’s line-up is fluid and open to change. Who would you have included? (And who, pray tell, would be in a sci-fi Teen Titans?)

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com. Stubby would totally be the primary vehicle of the SF Justice League.


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