Mu—ahem, Green With Envy Trailer

Green With Envy, a sweet romantic picture about Jason Segel (whose movies are nearly always better than you’d expect) falling in love with Amy Adams (whose movies are similarly nearly always better than you’d expect) but almost blowing it with his forgetfulness—isn’t that just like a man—and one hopes they get together by the end of the ZOMG MUPPETS!!! YES!!! YES!!!


Sorry. Ahem. But I mean really, dude, Muppets. That is to say, Muppets. Pursuant to the ideal of a cinema of depth, purpose, and meaning, MUPPETS. There’s a new Muppet movie. Things is alllllllllll right.

Completely aside from Muppet geeking, how ’bout that trailer for a well-constructed bit of business? If you don’t know why you clicked on the video, you might think it was just a straight romantic picture with Jason Segel and Amy Adams, no? That’s the thing about the Muppets, though. Civilians think we geek out about the Muppets because of youthful nostalgia and a whole lot of other condescending stuff but make no mistake: one of the main reasons the Muppets are so awesome is that it was one smart show. The show and movies hold up to the closest, strictest scrutiny. And they pass the test of the critics with the toughest, most inscrutable (if a bit crude) BS detectors in the business: little kids. All things to all people. Bring the light.

On and on til the break o’ dawn. Manamana. Do doo do do doo….

Danny Bowes is a playwright, filmmaker and blogger. He is also a contributor to and



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