The Closing of the Stargate

After 14 years with some kind of Stargate on television, the gate will finally close tonight as the last episode of Stargate: Universe airs. If one counts the 1994 original film, this means Stargate has been around in some capacity for 17 years! In comparison, the Star Trek franchise stuck around for 18 years, spanning from the inception of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987 (in fact, we’re talking about the first episode today) to the final episode of Enterprise in 2005.

And though there were rumblings a few years ago that Roland Emmerich was planning a sequel to the original film, this final episode of SGU looks to be the end of Stargate as we know it.

What are your thoughts? Sad to see it go? Is Stargate ending with a bang? Going out with a whimper? Will it come back? Should it?

The final episode of Stargate: Universe airs tonight on the SyFy Channel at 9 PM EST.


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