Sharktopus is the Champion of SyFy’s Monster Madness Battle

Here at we are unabashed fans of the tragic and beautiful beast that is Sharktopus. Why do we love Sharktopus so much? Is it the fact that Sharktopus can walk on its tentacles? Or the fact that Sharktopus has its own theme song? Perhaps we love Sharktopus because we know under that genetically engineered exterior of shark/octopus/evil, beats the heart of a slightly less murderous Sharktopus.

Therefore we were happy to learn that the beastie won the SyFy Channel’s recent Monster Madness voting poll! Sharktopus bested a lot of experienced challengers, including Mansquito, a horde of Ice Spiders, and the dreaded Piranhaconda. And though we admit Piranhaconda is not to be messed with, it is no match for the gnashing terror that is Sharktopus.

Here’s to you Sharktopus!

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of It once tried to meld two unrelated animals together, as well, but now prefers to forget that regrettable hour.


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