Immortals Trailer Review

The producers of 300 have returned to antiquity, this time with a tip of the cap to Clash of the Titans, in Immortals. Directed by Tarsem, the visual stylist responsible for a handful of classic music videos—most notably REM’s “Losing My Religion”—and the kind-of/sort-of SFF features The Cell and The Fall, the Immortals trailer definitely calls 300 to mind (canny marketing, considering 300’s commercial success) but seems to have an insane energy all its own.

Tarsem pictures are usually all about the visuals, and Immortals definitely follows in that tradition, judging from some of the shots and awkward boilerplate dialogue contained therein. But discounting the latter and focusing on the former, those visuals sure do look cool. And, unlike an unfortunate number of modern sword-and-sandal pictures that think having everyone speak in hoarse U.K. accents and wave swords around is all the battle, Immortals should actually be worth seeing for the visuals alone. We’ll find out on the numerologically fortuitous date November 11th. (11-11-11!)

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