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In Line with Doctor Who Fans: AnnMarie, a Charming Amelia Pond was recently in line at the 4/11 NYC Doctor Who premiere with a ton of fans. We’ll be shining a spotlight on a few of them leading all the way up to April 23rd.

There were a few prominent trends at DW Line Con. Multi-colored screwdrivers. Lots of bowties. A fair number of fezzes (some of them homemade). There was also an incredibly high concentration of Ponds.

That’s Amy Ponds, for those of you who are confused. A whole flock of them. (See the group in a photo here and on the BBC America Facebook page.)

In talking with this particular interviewee, AnnMarie Lidman, the subject of easy cosplay came up. Specifically the fact that fans couldn’t help but suspect that the Doctor Who costume crew had deliberately put Amy in clothing that was reasonably priced and easy to find. After all, the candy apple red sweatshirt that half of them had donned for the ocassion could be found at any American Apparel, the exact sweatshirt that Amy had worn in “The Time of Angels.” Just grab a short skirt, some tights and a pair of converse hightops and you were all set.

I heard a few girls later admitting that they’d put their Amy costumes together with items they already had in their closets. It’s a fair bet that this was an intentional move on the Doctor Who creative team’s part, and a clever one at that. The sheer popularity of Amy cosplay in the line was evidence enough that fans were relating to her—they even shared her wardrobe.

Being one of my favorite Ponds of the bunch, I asked AnnMarie my super-special set of questions. Her answers were a fantastic blend of old and new, proving yet again why Who is such an impressive cross-generation fandom.


What was your first exposure to Doctor Who?

I was watching it with my parents on PBS when I was really little. Seven, maybe six for my first episodes.

Who was your first Doctor?

The thing is, they were airing three different ones, so I never know which one to say is my first. It was Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and Colin Baker.

What other types of science fiction and fantasy do you enjoy?

Well, there’s Red Dwarf. I love that show. Other science fiction in general like Stargate, [Stargate] Atlantis. They’re fun.

AnnMarie Lidman as Amy PondFavorite Doctor?

Tom Baker and Matt Smith.

Favorite companion?

Sarah Jane Smith.

How about favorite villains?

I love the Master. Like, the old Master from the Tom Baker and Peter Davison [era].

Is there anything you would like to see them do on the show that they haven’t done?

Multi-Doctors. I want to see Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith and David Tennant all together. All the living Doctors need to be together. Peter Davison… wouldn’t that be awesome?

What is something that you like about Doctor Who that you think might not be as popular with other fans?

I don’t know. I mean, we all love everything! I guess at first I didn’t like how in the second season, they made Rose all over David Tennant. In the first season she was more like the companion. I didn’t mind it, it was all right, but just to pick something… maybe that.

Emmet Asher-Perrin thinks that Flock of Ponds is a much better name for a band than Flock of Seagulls. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.


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