First look: Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

Okay! First impressions of the new Captain America trailer: he’s patriotic! He’s not overly fond of the Nazis. His superpowers include abs, and looking great without a shirt on. Tommy Lee Jones is on hand to gravely quote General Patton (which makes total sense, since TLJ is officially more American than an apple pie filled with beef jerky and wrapped in the Star-Spangled Banner). Patton silently salutes from grizzled soldier heaven. Stanley Tucci’s German accent is entertaining. Notice a quick appearance by Howard Stark (Mr. Tony Stark, Sr.) at 1:13. Hugo Weaving is not what you expect (but is he ever?). Motorcycles! Explosions! Attractive woman firing a handgun. Fin.

Wow. It seems like they’ve pretty much covered all the bases, right? Visually, the period design looks great, and I think Chris Evans certainly looks right for the part—I’m hoping he’ll do a good job. I’m also really looking forward to seeing more of Weaving as The Red Skull, but I’m sure there are various other trailers on the way, which may or may not include some of the following: Swing dancing. Bucky Barnes arm wrestling Rosie the Riveter. Explosions! Tommy Lee Jones high-fives a bald eagle. Eleanor Roosevelt fires a bazooka at a map of Germany.

In any case, I’m excited. What do you guys think—has Marvel done it again? Too much? Too little? Explosions?

Bridget McGovern is suddenly very glad that Patton is on Netflix streaming right now.


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