Best SFF Novels of the Decade Readers Poll

Best SFF Novels of the Decade Readers Poll Comes to a Close

Well. That takes care of the first decade.

Today marks the end of our Best SFF Novels of the Decade Reader’s Poll and we want to thank everyone who participated, from commenter to co-worker, from Rothfuss to reader. It was a massive amount of work pulling it all together while redesigning our website and keeping every other plate spinning, but the amount of enjoyment it produced was more than worth it.

We were particularly warmed by those who let us know that they’ve discovered so much more in SFF to read because of this poll and we had a lot of fun watching everyone play with the statistics.

We’ve combined all the data charts into one handy document here. [Google Docs downloadable pdf. 1.3 MB] The full list of votes are here, along with the sheet on common words in titles. The index of all the book appreciations and data analysis is linked above.

So… see you next decade?


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