Animated Tron TV Show: Will it be better than the new movie?

Way back in the previous decade, a movie called Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones disappointed critics and fans alike with a confusing plot, excessive CGI, and some questionable performances. However a year later, an animated continuation of the story called Star Wars: Clone Wars debuted on the Cartoon Network to mostly critical praise. Not to be confused with the current CG version, this mini-show, created by famed animator Genndy Tartakovsky somehow felt more like Star Wars than the Star Wars movie upon which it was based. And now the same thing might be happening with Tron.

Now, while the new Tron: Legacy received mostly critical derision it has nonetheless spawned an animated series titled Tron: Uprising. Starring Bruce Boxleitner as Tron himself, this new show will also feature the voice talents of Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, and Paul Reubens, among others. Is it possible that this upcoming show can do the same thing Clone Wars did for the Star Wars universe? According to news reports, the new show will take place entirely in the grid and tell the story of how CLU came to power prior to the new film. It has also been reported that this show won’t air until summer 2012. Is this too long of a wait to return to the grid? Here’s a first look.

Does watching this trailer make you excited for Tron’s search for a new Tron? Will having more Tron in Tron make Tron better? Is The Box finally getting the love he deserves?

[News via Underwire]

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