Vulcans Invade Public Radio!

Over on planet NPR, a radio program called “Selected Shorts” is being overrun by Vulcans! Until February 2nd, NPR affiliates will be running the most current installment of its popular reading series featuring not one but TWO Vulcans. Leonard Nimoy performs the short story “Port Cochere” by Peter Taylor, while Fionnula Flanagan (who played ambassador V’Lar on Enterprise) reads “Enough” by Alice McDermott.

The presence of Vulcans at NPR did not go unnoticed by literary maven Hannah Tinti who waxes geeky about the incident over at her personal blog. Tinti, who is the literary commentator for “Selected Shorts” is also the author of the books The Good Thief and Animal Crackers, the latter of which contains science fiction themes in several of the stories.

This is also not the first time SF stars have landed on “Selected Shorts.” Shape-shifter Rene Auberjonois has been also been a reader and SFF stories have been featured on the program on more than one occasion, including this past fall.

To catch the Vulcans, check your local NPR affliates for times, or the “Selected Shorts” website.


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