Snow Planets!

Because our little corner of the universe is covered in snow, we decided to ask our Twitter followers to name as many snow planets as they could as fast as possible. Everyone knows Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back, but what else is there?

Here’s what happened when we crowd-sourced freezing worlds:

Art from The Left Hand of Darkness by Alex Eben

User NAS482 on Twitter asked, “does Winter count?” [From The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin.] It’s really cold there. And Ursula K. Le Guin is tops. You bet.


Delta Vega from Star Trek

Delta Vega from the new Star Trek. Never mind how close it orbits to Vulcan, or the whole thing about Vulcan supposedly having no moons, or the fact that it was actually a totally different planet in the original series. Look! Snow!!

(Thanks csilibrarian and abaddondave)


Rura Penthe from Star Trek VI

Rura Penthe from Star Trek VI and Enterprise

Speaking of cold Star Trek planets visited by Kirk (and Archer, too!) We can’t forget Pura Penthe. We know it’s not technically a planet, but rather an asteroid, but come on.


Planet of the Ood

The Planet of the Ood from Doctor Who

It may be cold on the Planet of the Ood, but those folks sure can carry a tune! And they have a giant brain there, too.


Map of Darkover

Darkover from The Darkover Series by Marion Zimmer Bradley

It’s a planet stuck in a neverending ice age! Thanks to Elizabeth Bear (matociquala) for reminding us of this one!


New York Public Library lion statue

New York Public Library lion statue

…and with our current snow. Both pics via NYPL.

We also recieved a tweet from mlvalentine asserting that Wisconsin was a snow planet. Usually that would win the argument right there, but right now we think it might just be New York City!

How many snow/ice planets have we missed?


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