Trailer review: Love

Produced by the band Angels & Airwaves as part of their ongoing, multi-album “Love project,” and four years in the making, Love is the feature debut of 28 year old commercial director William Eubank, who also scripted. Press materials say it’s the story of a lone astronaut trapped on the International Space Station after it loses contact with Earth, and his attempts to cling to sanity.

The trailer recalls several good—and oft-imitated—science fiction pictures of the last few decades: there’s a bit of 2001 here, a bit of Solaris there, a soupcon of Moon over there, and in the not-very-good synth score there’s a resemblance to Sunshine (whose score was much better, but the emulation shows good taste). Eubank has an interesting visual sense though, and at least in the trailer, the collection of influences seems like it’s synthesized into a whole that is his own. At least from what the trailer shows us, but what the trailer shows us is pretty cool.

Love looks like a more interesting picture than many. One hopes it’s able to avoid two potentially bad damaging PR situations: excessive comparison with Moon, and accusations that it’s a vanity project for Angels & Airwaves. Hopefully it can be judged on its own terms as a movie. It premieres at the Santa Barbara Film Festival next month and is expected to be released some time this spring.

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