Salon Futura on the Hugo for Graphic Story

The newest issue of Salon Futura, Cheryl Morgan’s podcast magazine, is now up—and it has quite a bit of cool comics-related stuff, including a round-table on the Hugo for Best Graphic story. Cheryl talks with Maura McHugh, Joe Gordon and David Monteith about their favorite new comics, possible nominees and the award itself.

For those who enjoyed the list of nominees we did here, I heartily recommend checking out the podcast, because their choices are different from mine. There are discussions of many British comics and small press comics that deserve attention. The speakers engage quite a bit with their recommendations, giving great descriptions and explaining exactly what it is that makes their favorites good.

The focus on comics outside of the U.S. is definitely enlightening for a reader based in the U.S.A. like me. There were several I hadn’t heard of and am pretty excited to check out, now.

So, for another angle on the Hugo for Best Graphic Story, go check out Salon Futura. (The rest of the issue is good, too—interviews with Paul Cornell about writing comics and with artist John Clute, reviews, and editorial sections.)

Cover of Salon Futura #5:“Bone Scan” by Judith Clute

Brit Mandelo is a multi-fandom geek with a special love for comics and queer literature. She can be found on Twitter and Livejournal.


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