A Mythical Menagerie!

We’re in a frivolous mood and decided to ask our Twitter and Facebook followers this question:

Which mythical creatures do you wish roamed our world? And which creatures would be a nightmare?


Andrej: 1. An honest politician that kept their campaign promises. 2. Voidbringers.

Samuel: Good? Minotaur. Two words: flank steak. Runner up: Pegasus. Forget jet packs for personal transportation, pegasi are where it’s at!

Bad? Unicorns. Encourages too much virtue. Runner up? Dragons. That doesn’t tend to end too well for humanity.

Neal: It would be great to have the sphinx around so it could challenge all the pundits to debates, and promptly devour them when they fail the intelligence test. Any of the petrifying beasties (cockatrice, medusa etc) would be bad, although they might spruce up the neighbourhood with some very realistic statues!


Wish for dragons, because they’d be awesome. Unicorns would be the bane of high-school virgins everywhere! @liamkruger

I’d love for the pegasus to be real! And I’m glad the phoenix isn’t. I mean, can you imagine all the accidental (forest) fires? @Pallekenl

Do we need ’em? We have love without Amor’s arrows and there are many bad things without Pandora’s Gifts. We make heaven and hell on our own @fandomobserver

I wish a Western Dragon existed with malachite scales and Reavers weren’t on the rampage! @crazy_legz

Both wish were real and glad they aren’t – the gods. @jlabeatnik

I wish Kirin were real. They are part deer and dragon, bring good luck and appear when a wise man is born; such as Confucius. @MichaelA_Parker

We’ve been thrilled with the creativity of these answers—what are your thoughts?


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