It Ain’t Sci-Fi If the Tears Don’t Fall

The Daily List last Friday on Topless Robot concerned “11 Nerdy Moments Guaranteed to Make You Cry” and that got us thinking…only 11?

We certainly agreed with some of the moments on the list. Spock’s death and send-off in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan… E.T.’s dried up husk laying at the bottom of a creekbed… Aeris’s death in Final Fantasy 7… But it seemed a bit thin to just stop there, as there is much more sadness to be plumbed from the depths of science fiction and fantasy. (Just last month Jo Walton held court over a collection of classic tearjerkers in science fiction.)

What of the end of Futurama’s episode “Jurassic Bark”? Or the end of WALL-E? Or the entirety of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer episode “The Body”? Doctor Who alone seems determined to dissolve its viewers to tears at least once a season.

So we thought we’d open the question up to the floor. What moments kill you in SFF every time? Since Jo covers novels so well in the above-linked post, we thought we’d open the question up to the floor regarding moments in TV, movies, comics, and games. If you need some more pointers, io9 did a great gallery on this back in April.

Sob away, gentle readers… (Oh, and SPOILERS HENCEFORTH, of course.)


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