For Those About to Rock, Part 3

Since the shift in pop music from classical, to jazz to rock and roll, science fiction and fantasy imagery has been a mainstay in album cover art. From some of the smallest and biggest names in illustration, art and music history. In no particular order over the course of this week, I’ll be collecting some of the most notable science fiction and fantasy images ever created. Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 4.

NOTE: This part of the series is a cover gallery without notation. If you can add art credits to certain pieces, leave a comment below. Thanks!

Michael Jackson, Dangerous by Mark Ryden

Christina Aguilera, Bionic

The Grateful Dead, Blues for Allah

Boston, Don’t Look Back

The Sword, Warp Riders

Anthrax, Among The Living

Funkadelic, Cosmic Slop

Funkadelic, Standing On The Verge of Getting It On

Ozzy Osbourne, The Ultimate Sin by Boris Vallejo

The Jackson, Victory

Megadeth, Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?

Probot, Probot

Priestess, Hello Master

Come back tomorrow afternoon for the next part in this week’s four-part feature on science fiction/fantasy album art!

Mark Korsak is an illustrator who’s work can be seen in The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Billboard, and more.


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