Alternative Titles for The Lord of the Rings!

Tor created a monster amongst people following us on Twitter by starting the hashtag #alternativetitlesforLotR!

The suggestions came in their hundreds…well, their tens…umm, we got a few. From people who must have been bored. *grin*

Here are some that made us giggle:

– Frodo and Sam’s Bogus Journey (@evilrooster)
– Gondor With the Wind (@HonestHypocrite)
– “Because Isildur was too much of a putz to melt the damned thing we’re all going cross country hiking :-p” (@KMont)
– Dude, Where’s My Ring? (@Paul_C_Smith)
– We Need to Talk About Sauron (@bengundersen)
– Orcs Hate Trees (@wakkomantis)
– Frodo and Sam’s Bogus Journey (@RichardFife)
 – Ring and Regality (@evilrooster)
 – So Long, and Thanks For all the Doom (@KMont)
 – He’s just not that into you (Sam). (@Paul_C_Smith)
 – No Country For Old Wizards (@bengundersen)

Can you do any better? Leave your suggestions below.


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