New York Comic Con, Day 2: Powerful Women, Star Wars Trivia, and Getting Beyond Star Trek

Conventions are like childbirth. They take a painful toll on your body, but the end result of that pain is so joyous that your brain helps your body forget how much it hurt so that you’re willing to do it again.

I forgot how exhausting comic cons are!

I thought I was going to get to a “Science of Battlestar Galactica” panel early on Saturday morning, but my sorry self, who’d gotten in at 1:30 AM and stayed up until about 3 writing, was too exhausted. I made a solid attempt. I set my alarm for 8 AM so that I could leave by 9 AM in order to get to the panel on time. But as I groggily wrote my Day 1 post for Tor, time passed, and before I knew it, it was too late for me to get to the panel on time. As the next panel I wanted to get to, the “Women of Battlestar Galactica” panel, didn’t start until 2:30 PM, I decided to take a nap for an hour. That hour-long nap ended up being two hours, and when I realized I’d overslept, I jumped up, raced out the door, and made it to the BSG panel just in time to see Tricia Helfer be introduced. Phew!

Here are my highlights from Day 2 of NYCC:

** The “Women of Battlestar Galactica Q & A panel, which featured Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackoff, Nicki Clyne, and Michelle Forbes. This will definitely be getting a separate write-up from me, as all four women intelligently and humorously covered all sorts of topics from feminism, to tidbits from the set of BSG, to their favorite kinds of pie!

BTW – Katee Sackoff’s favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb. And she didn’t even hesitate before saying it, so you know it’s true!

Tricia and Katee also gave t-shirts to people who asked great questions to promote their new charity venture, Acting Outlaws, an awesome organization that allows them to marry their love of motorcycles with their desire to help various charities that are important to them. Nicki Clyne and Michelle Forbes both gave really insightful answers to questions. Nicki was so cute I wanted to put her in my pocket…and what deal did Michelle make with the devil to look as amazing as she does?! Seriously, I know she’s older than me and I want to look like her now!

** NYCC Speed Dating! Sadly, I didn’t get to actually be a date, but I covered the event, interviewed some folks involved, and the result will be a piece I’m doing for the “Sex and the Single Geek Girl” column I do over at Pink Raygun.

I have to note, though, that, for today, this event really made me hate Star Wars. I hadn’t pre-registered, so when I arrived there were only 2 available girl spots left. So the host asked the five of us competing for these two spots some Star Wars trivia. The first question was, “What species is Chewbacca?”, and as I began mouthing a “w”, another girl shouted out “Wookie!” I suck under pressure. My not knowing how fast the Millenium Falcon goes cost me the other spot. Hey, I like Star Wars, but I’m not a geek about it like that, okay?

When I jokingly told the host that if he’d asked me Star Trek questions I would’ve fared better, he says “I hate Trek!” and dismissed me as if I wasn’t worth his time. That is, until I told him I was press and wanted to cover the event. That changed his tune rather quickly! Bow before my press pass, you will.

** “Roddenberry Is Back!” panel. Yet another one I’ll have to write about separately, because they announced a whole bunch of stuff that deserves some serious attention. This panel was all about how Roddenberry Productions is expanding and delivering new content that will be true to Gene Roddenberry’s spirit while exploring different platforms and mediums. They’re also revisiting some of Roddenberry’s old properties from his archive and looking to produce them for today’s audiences, since the guy was so often ahead of his time. There are cool new television ventures, animated series in the works, an awesome-sounding comic from Archaia, and none of it has to do with Star Trek. Roddenberry was about science fiction that demonstrated the best in humanity, and Roddenberry Productions is looking to take audiences beyond Star Trek in order to pursue that vision.

Sooo…they ended the autograph line before I could get an autograph from Morena Baccarin, and J. Michael Straczynski was nowhere to be found when I went up for his autograph session, but all in all it was another good day at NYCC! More tomorrow!

Teresa Jusino was born the same day Skylab fell. Coincidence? She doesn’t think so. She is a freelance writer in New York City who is a regular contributor to websites like ChinaShop Magazine, Pink Raygun, and Newsarama. In addition to her geeky online scribblings, she also writes prose fiction and screenplays. Teresa is the author of a chapbook of short stories called On the Ground Floor, and she is working on a webseries called The Pack, coming in 2011. She is also the last member of WilPower: The Official Wil Wheaton Fan Club. Get Twitterpated with Teresa, or visit her at The Teresa Jusino Experience.


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