New York Comic Con, Day 1: Coming Home Again

Rule #1 of any comic-con: DON’T FORGET YOUR PHONE.

I forgot mine yesterday morning and was on the train to the Javitz Center before I realized it. I briefly entertained the notion of not going back for it. After all, going back for it would’ve made me miss a couple of panels I’d wanted to check out. Then I thought about everyone I’d told to “text me when you’re free and we’ll meet up!” Being phoneless was not an option.

So, I turned around and went back for my phone, which got me to NYCC a bit later than I would’ve liked. But the second I came above ground from the subway and saw the geeky throngs all headed in the same direction; the second a guy looked over at me, saw my Doctor WhoYou Never Forget Your First Doctor” t-shirt, and gave me a nod of recognition; the second I arrived at the Javitz Center and encountered a young woman dressed as the Tenth Doctor who complimented me on that shirt, the freneticism of my morning commute went away. It was like coming home again.

Here are my highlights for Day 1 at NYCC 2010:

** Image Comics writers panel: this panel deserves its own post, as this was easily the most entertaining writer panel I’ve ever been to. Robert Kirkman and Co. were hilarious, and fun, and also really insightful about the writing process. They didn’t give the same pat answers about writing one usually hears. I actually learned a couple of things. Image, FTW!

** I can now answer the questions, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” as well as “Where’s Waldo?”, thus solving two very important mysteries from my childhood. They were both at NYCC! Seriously, Carmen Sandiego cosplay is inspired!

** Got sketches for my sketchbook from R.M. Guera (Scalped) and Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth)! Both men are really cool. R.M. totally engaged in lots of conversation. Jeff was amused by my request to be drawn as a hybrid from his comic.

** Met Marjorie Liu, who is super sweet. I talked to her a little about her experience on the set of Stargate Universe, and it was cool to see someone about whom I’m a fangirl be a fangirl about something else. As I’ve only ever read (and loved!) her comics, I can’t wait to start one of her novels!

** Talked with Jason Aaron (Scalped) at his signing, and he seemed really happy and grateful to talk about Scalped in the midst of everyone asking him to sign Wolverine stuff. I could tell Scalped means so much to him the way he asked me how I felt about specific characters and plot points. Very cool guy. And seriously? Read Scalped.

** I love conversations started in lines at conventions! I talked to a nice dude w/dreads about comic art, a nice young couple about random stuff, and a lawyer for whom it was his first comic con about a lot of favorite writers we had in common. Geeks really are the best people.

** Went to the panel for an upcoming film called Monsters, which I’d only seen a print ad for before then, but am now dying to see! I’ll write separately about this panel, too, but I was really impressed by the director, Garreth Edwards, and by the looks of the clips he showed.

** Met twin brothers Matt and Joey in the line for the James Marsters panel. Now, these two were stereotypical geeks in every way and weren’t exactly the best at conversation as their speech impediments often made it difficult to understand what they were saying. However, they were super-sweet guys, one of whom ended up lending me his camera when mine mysteriously died, and they got me thinking. A lot of times, guys like that are ignored. But I make it a point to talk to those guys all the time, because how can you expect people to interact better socially if you don’t interact with them? How are they supposed to get practice if they’re consistently ignored?

** The James Marsters panel, which should also get a separate write-up from me, was amazing! It was two hours entirely consisting of Q&A! I’d never really heard him speak as himself before, had never seen him at any other panels or events and, as I told him when I asked my questions, I love that he’s such an enormous nerd! Seriously, he’s ridiculously smart and totally into all things geeky. Gained a whole new respect for the guy, and we need to be BFFs, like, yesterday. Also, you know I got in some Caprica questions!

** Post-con Tweet-Up hosted by Geek Girls Network was a lot of fun! Shout out to Kristin of GGN for throwing a lovely shindig. Got to see people I hadn’t seen in a while, meet some of the Best Shots team I write with over at Newsarama, and met some cool new people that I hope to keep in touch with. There’s something wonderful about being in a room full of people who get what you’re into, and to whom you don’t have to explain comics or Doctor Who. However, if you’re me, you do have to explain why you have a crush on Lex Luthor.

Day 1 = Huge Success! More reportage from me to come!

Teresa Jusino was born the same day Skylab fell. Coincidence? She doesn’t think so. She is a freelance writer in New York City who is a regular contributor to websites like ChinaShop Magazine, Pink Raygun, and Newsarama. In addition to her geeky online scribblings, she also writes prose fiction and screenplays. Teresa is the author of a chapbook of short stories called On the Ground Floor, and she is working on a webseries called The Pack, coming in 2011. She is also the last member of WilPower: The Official Wil Wheaton Fan Club. Get Twitterpated with Teresa, or visit her at The Teresa Jusino Experience.


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