Before the Internet We Expressed Ourselves Through Vans

The ’60s and ’70s were a heady time for science fiction and fantasy. At least, that’s what I imagine they must have been after glimpsing this collection of fantasy art van murals.

Somewhere around the debut of Star Trek and the Frodo Lives! bumper sticker meme, it became socially acceptable (or perhaps I mean socially awesome) to airbrush your van with your favorite fantasy art. Sadly, we’ve since moved on as a people. If there’s something on the side of our vans now, it’s the number for our plumbing service, an energy drink ad, or a terrifying political screed.

Click the link above and enjoy a trip through a more innocent time filled with naked women on winged horses, lightning-struck mountains, and ten miles to the gallon. (Then come back, because the Japanese have since taken up the art of van modification and are pushing it to some intense extremes.)

Chris Greenland hears tale of a John Jude PalenCAR that still roams the streets, covered in art, and thirsty for gas, but cannot find any pictures of it.


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