Audioslice: A Mighty Fortress by David Weber

A tremendous amount of science fiction and fantasy material is available on audiobook these days.  Every nominee up for this year’s Hugo awards has an audio version, and it’s amazing what a great narrator can bring to the reading experience.  Now that we have the technology to hold something like a 700-page David Weber novel without the device exploding from overload, there’s no reason not to indulge.

So, welcome to the Audioslice feature on  I’ll be bringing you samples of aural sunshine (or doom, as appropriate) from the genre’s finest.  Why shouldn’t you hear your cake and read it too?

From David Weber’s New York Times bestseller, A Mighty Fortress:

Liz is currently going old-school, toting that Sony CD-player on the subway on the way to work at Macmillan Audio, watching the tweens wonder what the hell that round thing is…


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