Don’t want to be all by my Doctor-self

I’ve had Doctor on the brain (just finished the fourth episode this Sunday) in a bad way. I was listening to Carbon Leaf’s song “The Boxer” and in my head it became “The Doctor”. I was listening to the New Pornographers’ new song “Daughters of Sorrow” and I distinctly heard it as “Doctors of Soul” (Tell me that “We’d walk through the world as if by starlight/We’d be alright” isn’t about the Doctor and a companion?).

This Tenth Doctor: The Musical video has been going around the internets that I frequent and I’ve been slowly working my way through it (yes, it’s long). I think my favourite bit might actually be the “I’m a CHAV” Cassandra moment. Mostly though, I love the idea that 10—and a little 9—is, post-regen, sitting at home watching reruns of himself. (If I bring the popcorn, can I come snuggle on the couch? Please?) I’m particularly fond of some of the music choices and every time “All by myself” comes up I giggle.

It is distinctly possible that there is a slight fixation on Jack dying, but John Barrowman does it so very well.

Nina Lourie wants to know why you aren’t listening to the New Pornographers’ album, streaming at NPR through May 4th, yet?


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