Tor Books B-Day Giveaway: Box o’ Books

As many Tor folk observed, the Tor Books offices are full of, well, Tor books. Many of them stay politely on their shelves, alphabetical by author, but not all. Advance Reading Copies are  too cool to hang out with anyone else; they sneak cigarettes and beer behind the Publicity shelves and lounge attractively on the corners of desks. Bound galleys hide in piles in the corners, blushing and apologizing profusely when tripped over. And the rest of them are bloody everywhere—holding up people’s computer monitors, trysting behind the water cooler, piling up horizontally, vertically, and every which way—and have to be spoken to sternly by interns.

So that you may better get to know our little social sphere, the three lucky winners of this giveaway will receive a grab-box of books from the Tor offices. Winners should let us know their general likes and dislikes (only books with bare-chested men on the cover; no spaceships; only spaceships; looking for books for a twelve-year-old, etc) and we’ll put together a fun selection.

The Rules: All you have to to do be entered is comment on this post—once; duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Wednesday, April 28th. Winners will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on Wednesday or Thursday; if I don’t hear back from you in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Image by flickr user austineven, licensed for commercial use under Creative Commons.


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