Firefly Rewatch

Firefly Re-watch: Calling all Browncoats.

So, has a lot of re-watches and re-reads, eh?  Well ain’t that just shiny.  Then along comes a bloke that is up and coming in the society.  A respectable gentleman, see?  And what does he see?  In twenty-one months of Tor-dot-comming, not a single post title has the word Firefly in it.  Well gorram the piece of gos se.  I says we have ourselves a re-watch of our own, eh?

So yeah, I’m starting myself a little Firefly re-watch and commentary.  The rules are pretty simple: I’ll do one episode a week in the DVD order.  After that, I will also look over the movie, possibly in multiple posts.  But, that is a wee bit in the future yet, and I’m still here on Earth-that-was. Posts will have an episode summary for if you can’t watch along with us, and then my thoughts in whatever format seems to work for me.

So, I guess I should qualify myself a bit.  Why me?  Not like I’ve really watched any other Whedon-verse things save for Dr. Horrible, nor have I actually ever dressed up as Mal at a con.  But I am still an adoring Browncoat and have a flair for analysis and long-windedness.  I’ve been blogging about various points of storytelling in all media over at my personal website for a while, so I have a bit of practice thinking like this.  Add into it that I’m a trained Computer Science Engineer who is probably more right brained than left, and you get someone who just loves to analyze the creative arts.  Also, I’m looking for discussion as much as a place to espouse my own ideas, so by all means, jump in and arguediscuss with me.

History wise, I only discovered Firefly about a year ago.  I had seen Serenity, but had no clue when I saw it that it was a continuation of something else (which I’ll get into that when we get there).  I watched the whole series online in less than a week, which granted isn’t saying much, but after that, I went out and bought the DVD set and a copy of Serenity to boot.  Since then, I’ve rewatched it three times, been to a Browncoat Ball at DragonCon, read through the FireflyWiki, and found myself humming the Ballad of Serenity at work, even when I haven’t watched the show for months.  That and I gave my Robot Overlord some of that good “organic” oil so he’d letting me do this.  So yeah, that’s why me.

I’ll be doing the whole of the pilot episode “Serenity” next week.  Until then, Burn the Land and Boil the Sea.

Richard Fife is an unabashed Badger fan, aspiring writer, and network engineer.  More of his ramblings and some of his short stories can be found at


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