The Great Comics Read-Along

Welcome to a new series on My name is Brit Mandelo and in this space every Friday we will be reading comics together. Specifically, comics that would fall under the umbrella of “speculative fiction.” For everyone who already loves them: this is the perfect time to re-read those series that you loved and haven’t had a chance to revisit in a while. For the readers who’ve only wondered about some of this stuff: I promise, you’ll have a good time. The world of SFF is so much broader than just prose or poetry. Comics can make you laugh, cry, rage and maybe put back a drink or two when you’re done. And the art! Oh, the art.


The Great Comics Read-Along: Intro
by Brit Mandelo

by Warren Ellis
art by Darick Robertson

Vol. 1: Back on the Street
Vol. 2: Lust for Life
Vol. 3: Year of the Bastard
Vol. 4: The New Scum
Vol. 5: Lonely City
Vol. 6: Gouge Away
Vol. 7: Spider’s Thrash
Vol. 8: Dirge
Vol. 9: The Cure
Vol. 10: One More Time



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