New Tron Legacy Trailer

Greetings, programs! The long-awaited sequel to the greatest movie ever inspired by Pong (true story) has a new, full length trailer starring Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen, the gorgeous Olivia Wilde, John Hurt…not to mention original TRON alums Bruce Boxleitner and newly-minted OSCAR® WINNER Jeff Bridges (yay!).

Tron Legacy is scheduled to be released on December 17th (because nothing says “holiday spirit” like ditching your family in favor of video games. We love you, Master Control Program). Check out the trailer below—it has a certain “Lady Gaga plays laser tag in the Matrix” feel to it that I find appealing, but that could just be Eighties nostalgia slowly derezzing my circuits. What do you guys think–is the update going to be worth the wait, or should we just stay home and watch WarGames for the millionth time?


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