J.C. Hutchins’s SF novel 7th Son: Descent serialized, Part 9

Welcome to the ninth serialized installment of J.C. Hutchins’ human cloning thriller 7th Son: Descent. If this is your first exposure to our free serialization of 7th Son, you can easily catch up by experiencing the story via links found at J.C.’s About 7th Son page. You can also dive in right away, thanks to…

THE STORY SO FAR: In California, Michael, Dr. Mike and John and the 7th Son soldiers invaded the night club—and found themselves in a trap, staring at John Alpha himself. Kilroy2.0, Jack and Jay slipped into the CDC’s secure intranet, searching for NEPTH-charge victims. In Russia, the Devlins began their first—and final—mission together. Father Thomas finally met Hugh Sheridan… and the true nature of Project 7th Son was unveiled.

If you’re enjoying this serialized experience, you can support the book by purchasing a copy via J.C.’s website. Your can learn more about the book while you’re there.



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