JC Hutchins’s SF novel 7th Son: Descent serialized, Part 7

Welcome to the seventh serialized installment of J.C. Hutchins’ human cloning thriller 7th Son: Descent. If this is your first exposure to our free serialization of 7th Son, you can easily catch up by experiencing the story via links found at J.C.’s About 7th Son page. You can also dive in right away, thanks to…

THE STORY SO FAR: The Beta clones finalized their plans for their cross-country trek. Gen. Hill explained the true power of Code Phantom security clearance. The clones called home, to chat with family and lovers. John and the Mikes headed westward, to California . . . and a likely showdown with John Alpha.

Meanwhile back at the 7th Son facility, Jay, Jack, Kilroy2.0 and Father Thomas attempted to understand John Alpha’s scheme. Kilroy2.0 enlisted the help of his cyberflock. Their dedication was chilling: “I comply.”

If you’re enjoying this serialized experience, you can support the book by purchasing a copy via J.C.’s website. Your can learn more about the book while you’re there.



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