War of the Words Short List

Back in June, Tor UK and SciFiNow’s War of the Words competition asked writers around the world to send in their fantasy and science fiction manuscripts for a chance at publication. They planned to announce a short list of six, but—oops and hooray—the entries were so good that they are requesting ten full manuscripts for the next round. The short list, in no particular order:

1. The Sun Song, by Andrew Tisbert
2. The Nemesis List, by RJ Frith
3. Mech, by Jim Keen
4. Children Of Yaltza, by Kerrie Maxwell
5. Pale Queen’s Courtyard, by Marcin Wrona
6. Evacuee, by Paula Hadlum
7. Thorn, by Steff Green
8. The Darkness Kept, by Lamar Giles
9. The Barocles Codicil, by Susan Sarapuk
10. Creations, by William Mitchell

Tor UK will announce a winner no later than November 25th (or 25 November, if you like). Congratulations, and good luck, to all the writers!

Megan Messinger is a production assistant for Tor.com, a job which involves reading about books on the internet. She is learning to play the fiddle.


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