The last three books you bought

Aedifica just mentioned that she went to Uncle Hugo’s (an awesome SF specialist shop in Minneapolis) and bought:

The Paladin, because I remembered to look for it when I stopped by Uncle Hugo’s to get Seanan McGuire’s new book Rosemary and Rue. I hope and expect I’ll enjoy both books! (I also bought a copy of Wrede & Stevermer’s The Mislaid Magician, because I realized I hadn’t actually read it yet.)

It struck me that was a terrific set of books, and also a very interesting set. There’s one 1988 fantasy novel that I recently reviewed and recommended, one brand new urban fantasy, and one book that’s a year or two old, the third in a brilliant YA fantasy trilogy that she had been meaning to pick up.

I sometimes look at the little pile of books I have when I’m waiting to pay and wonder how they like sitting next to each other. This is something you don’t get when you buy online—unless they ship them randomly together, so The Last Defender of Camelot ends up unexpectedly coming out of the box with The Execution Channel and Brasyl. And as for those of you who do e-books, I suppose it doesn’t happen at all—or does it?

What were the last three genre books you bought, and why did you buy them, and do you feel they felt comfortable together?

Jo Walton is a science fiction and fantasy writer. She’s published eight novels, most recently Half a Crown and Lifelode, and two poetry collections. She reads a lot, and blogs about it here regularly. She comes from Wales but lives in Montreal where the food and books are more varied.


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