Web Round-Up

  • Google Earth presents the moon landing. Very cool, but are they working on a new name yet? (via Futurismic)

  • Four awesome words: Star Wars in concert. Full orchestra, Anthony Daniels, props and costumes exhibition. Too excited for verbs. (via Slice of Sci Fi)

  • Also, while I’m waiting for my dreams of a tauntaun sleeping bag to come true, I could always build myself an AT-AT loft bed. Or an AT-ST…loft chair.

  • For those of us who didn’t get to dance all night with Joss Whedon (*coughPABLOcough*), Geeks of Doom has great summaries of the goings-on at Comic-Con last weekend.

  • SciFi Guy has posted the True Blood trailer that screened at Comic-Con.

[Image capped from Google Earth’s moon landing promotional video.]


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