Web Round-Up

Here (re)begins a weekly sampling of some cool things on the internet!

  • Futurama might return to Comedy Central with 13 more episodes!  (via io9)
  • On that note, musings on whether Firefly might ever be resurrected. I know, I know, it will never happen, but I need a fix and OH GOD, I can’t stop looking for signs. (via Sci Fi Scanner)
  • It might be more productive to start drawing floor plans for Jay Garmon’s ideal Serenity restaurant, or the geek project of my own lotto-winning dreams. (Library + armory = librarmory?)
  • Laser etchings can make liquid flow uphill. (via Futurismic)
  • New art for a UK version of Brandon Sanderson’s The Final Empire. I think it’s lovely and creepy and would like to hang it by my bed, but it is more surreal/slipstream than straight-up invented-world fantasy, so I’m not sure how I feel about it on a Sanderson book.
  • Nerd word of the week: unobtainium!


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