Naughty Apocalypse contest results

After much arduous deliberation, and a whole lot of giggling, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve got a winner for our Naughty Apocalypse contest. It was really hard for all of us to settle on just one of these—my long list was 27 entries long!—but we eventually picked the one that we felt had the best combination of an actual dystopic basis for the pun (as opposed to generic fantasy-ness or sci-fi-osity), naughty-ness (as opposed to flat-out raunchiness), and actually being #local. And that entry was:

4. Carol Pinchefsky
Your Mom Is a Harsh Mistress
(eligibility confirmed at comment 34)

Congratulations to Carol for coming up with both the winning entry and an immortal insult that we’ll be hurling around the offices for weeks to come. Carol, please get in touch with Torie at (torie dot atkinson at tor dot com) to confirm your acceptance of the prize, and we’ll get your name on the VIP list at Casa de Pinchbottom.

We couldn’t help wanting to throw a little extra glory to a few entries that were beloved by three or more people on our judging panel. Our Honorable Mentions were:

22. KHeller
To Say Nothing of the Dong

31. rachael2z
The Forever Whore
The Cumslinger

44. JStarr
…the illuminating duology:
Parable of the Grower &
Parable of the Shower

87. EEE
Planet of the Maybe-Bestiality-Is-OK-After-All-As-Long-As-It’s-With-English-Speaking-Primates

We were charmed (horrified?) enough by all of these that we’d love to give you some small reward for your effort, so if you get in touch with Torie, we’ll find some nifty thing to send to you.

To the authors of our many other—very excellent—entries: we’re sorry that all of you couldn’t win! However, you can still pick up tickets to Pinchbottom’s “MORNING AFTER: Post-Apocalyptic Burlesque” from TheaterMania, and you can still get copies of Wastelands from many fine booksellers near you. Thanks for playing!



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