The Zen of Professor Nimbus is proud to present Michael Sloan’s “The Zen of Professor Nimbus” strips.

But this is hardly the good Professor’s first foray onto the paneled page:

The Temptation of Professor Nimbus, a 3-page 32 panel comic strip, appeared in The Comics Journal Volume 5 (the Manga Masters issue), published by Fantagraphics in 2005. It is the first commissioned work featuring Nimbus, and offers a rare glimpse into his domestic life.

Professor Nimbus and the Amazing Spectacles, published in 2004, is the first book in the series. It was followed by The Heresy of Professor Nimbus, published in 2006. The Redemption of Professor Nimbus, published in 2009, is the third book in the series. It is about catastrophic global warming, and takes place in Hong Kong.

All three books are available for purchase here.

Strip 01: The Big Bang, or, The Origins of Nimbus

Strip 02: Nimbus Through the Ages

Strip 03: The Evolution of Mankind

Strip 04: Engulfed by the Ocean Tide

Strip 05: The Ubiquity of Chinese Takeout

Strip 06: Nimbus in the Firmament

Strip 07: Keep Off The Grass

Strip 08: Symmetry

Strip 09: Radio Nimbus

Strip 10: Train Wreck


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