A Chance to Show Off Thread 2: The Quotable Line Game

So, this is a variant on the “Chance to show off” game we played a little while ago. That time, we identified first lines. This time we’re going to identify cool lines, the kind of lines you want to quote.

The line should be the kind of line you want to read aloud, and a line that’s memorable if you’ve read the book, but shouldn’t be a spoiler if you haven’t. Of course it can be a first line, or a last line, or a line from somewhere in the middle.

Here’s a dozen lines to start you off:

1) You haven’t seen untidiness until you’ve seen a room where the gravity has failed twice in different directions.

2) The one thing you can’t give for your heart’s desire is your heart.

3) Saddest story of all the long tales told.

4) Deep they delved us, high they builded us, fair they wrought us, but they are gone.

5) The enemy’s gate is down.

6) Getting me back is the real priority.

7) Hexapedia is the key insight.

8) Octopedia is the key insight.

9) Let overwrite, let override.

10) Fear is the little death, fear is the mindkiller.

11) There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

12) That was when the fit hit the Shan.


1. You identify as many of the lines as you can, and for every line you identify, you get to post a different cool line of a fantasy or SF novel of your choice for other people to identify.

2. If someone has incorrectly identified a line, you can correct their misidentification and post a line, but their line can also still be identified by others.

3. Do not identify lines that have already been identified.

4. If your line has not been guessed in a reasonable period of time—twenty-four hours, say—you can identify it yourself and post another.

To make it easiest, posts should be of the format:

She asked for a pregnant calendar.
Invader. C.J. Cherryh

This is the worst story I know about hocuses.

Well, either that or discussion of the books. Discussion is always good.


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