Around the Web: zombie warnings, a blacked-out Mars rover, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of buttons

Construction sign warns of zombies – “This crime is a class C misdemeanor in Texas, and Hartley said it endangers the public.”

Mars Spirit rover disoriented after glitch – When pressed, the Spirit rover admitted it couldn’t recall what it had done last night, and is afraid to see the photos.

Here’s the button – Neil Gaiman pontificates on the completely innocuous household item. I’ll confess, though, that I spent most of the video envying his gorgeous library…

Mikhail Maiofis Illustrations – I’m not entirely sure what these are, but they’re splendid. See also: Symphony of the Absurd.

War Haunted – WWII photos faded into modern ones. Eerie.

Whiskey power – “Recently the Rothes consortium of whisky and scotch distillers announced that they have partnered with Helius Enery to install a power plant fueled by none other than, well, whisky by-products!”

Transformers toys – A peek at the new movie’s merchandising. Now I know at least one good thing will come of this film!

First weather report from exoplanet – HOT. No, really freaking HOT.


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