Around the Web: Star Wars Holiday Special, Samuel L. Jackson, BSG, and more

30th Anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special – The official Star Wars website has acknowledged its existence! They even included some neat features, like a gallery of props used in the film. Funny, I don’t see the special itself featured… Via Sci Fi Wire.

Q&A with the inimitable Samuel L. Jackson – The “L” stands for “Snakes!”

Movies Artists Should Watch – discusses required watching for concept artists.

Dr. Horrible auf Deutsch – To quote commenter Yrla18: “super Idee.”

Planet of the Apes reboot, again – Oh please no.

Lost to cast new Sayid – Well, not new. More like old. Or young?

10 years, 10 weeks, 10 giveaways – Eos Books gives you the chance to get a jump on holiday shopping—for free! Both Eos authors and some non-Eos HarperCollins authors like Neal Stephenson, Gregory Maguire, Joe Hill, Chris Moore, and Neil Gaiman will be available.

Battlestar Galactica webisodes to be released on December 12th – Also, Variety has reported that SciFi has officially greenlighted Caprica, the much-anticipated prequel. And you know how the original BSG looked an awful lot like Star Wars? Check out this original concept art for the show. Thanks, Sci Fi Wire.

Lou Anders discusses economic trends in genre – “One of the strands is how SF/F/Crime always does *exceptionally* well in economically difficult times – if you plot it out on a graph, it becomes very clear. But just think with SF in the thirties and seventies. Horror, incidentally, does well in boom-times.”

Tobias Buckell heads home – Woohoo!! Great news.

On the importance of maintaining one’s grip on reality – Wil Wheaton addresses the @wilw / @greggrunberg Heroes Will He/Won’t He Cameo Twitter Fiasco of ’08

And finally, some lists:

Top 10 Comic Book Documentaries – A great overview.

List of art book reviews by Parka – If you’re wondering what to pick up for the holidays, Parka has some beautiful photos and videos to go with each of her reviews. Via

All things Kubrick – Just what it says.


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