Jeph Loeb fired from Heroes!

Variety is reporting that Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, co-executive producers and writers for Heroes were fired over NBC executive’s frustration with the creative direction of the show. It’s been a widely-panned third season for what was once one of NBC’s bigger series. Loeb was the only writer left on the show with any background in comics (aside from Tim Kring’s clear obsession with Chris Claremont’s work on X-Men). Combine this news with a $4 million per episode price tag that’s already over-budget, and one has to wonder if Heroes will even have a fourth season to inspire massive amounts of fanboy ire.

Perhaps this move will inspire the show to hire fresh writers for the next volume. But will anyone even be around to watch it? I’ve had a ton of friends give up on Heroes this season. I’d have given up on it, too, were it not for the fact that I seem to be the only blogger who seems to at least not want every single character on the show to suffer a horrible, painful death. There is no new episode of Heroes on tonight, but feel free to bitch away in the comments.


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