Podcast Roundup 7: Board Games with Scott

Just one entry for you folks this time, but it makes up for quantity with diversity of formats—both video and audio—and sheer delightfulness.

Board Games with Scott is a podcast series about (you guessed it!) board games. Each episode, librarian Scott Nicholson explains a board game. He sets it up, shows how to play it, and offers thoughts about what sorts of players and situations it might be good or not so good for. (Links at his website identify publishers and creators and list places to purchase these games.) Episodes range from 15 to 45 minutes or so, depending on how complicated the game is and how many details he wants to cover. He puts out a bit more than an episode a month.

The production values are really, really good. His voice is always loud and clear. His video is equally good, with well-framed shots and well-timed edits: he lingers on a shot long enough to illustrate a point and no longer than it takes. His humor is funny in the happy-nerd sort of way, with little intro bits that reliably make me laugh.

One of the things that’s annoyed me about a lot of podcasts is people trying to be hip, ironic, or otherwise cool, and just not getting it right, so that they come across (to me, at least) mostly as rude. Scott isn’t trying any of that. His presentation is completely direct, with no posturing except in obvious jokes, and I like that. His podcasts are kind, happy, and informative. Great viewing!


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