Dexter Turning Biminese episode review

A short blog post tonight because not much happened. Again. Replace last week’s Rita-wants-to-get-married storyline with Rita-wants-a bigger house. Rita’s getting on my nerves a bit this season. She’s not asking for unreasonable things, especially as she’s having Dexter’s baby, but she goes about asking for what she wants in really peculiar ways. Personally, I would not broach the topic of moving in with someone over brunch with friends. Especially since Miguel’s wife is a real estate agent who’s probably desperate to sell a house in this economy. Dexter’s got cold feet about giving up his apartment, but wouldn’t this be something he already accepted when he proposed to Rita? The family man versus the Dark Passenger is the same dilemma Dexter has been dealing with all season. And he always manages to find a compromise between the two. Here, it’s keeping his boat so he has some personal space to retreat to when he needs to be alone with his work.

Things moved a little faster for the secondary characters this week. Quinn is making the Freebo disappearance case difficult for Deb to investigate. What will make Deb realize that her partner is being investigated by Internal Affairs for good reason? I felt bad that her informant Anton has a girlfriend. Bad luck! Also at the office, Masuka’s been making an effort to clean himself up, and he is creepy in a different, too-quiet way. Loved Deb and Angel sticking up for their friend in the face of Ramon. Masuka also had the line of the night: “Science is one cold-hearted bitch with a fourteen-inch strap-on.”

This week’s victim was a man named Ethan Turner, a serial wife-killer that Miguel’s been trying to prosecute for years. While Rita is bleeding and fearing for the life of her baby in the hospital, Dexter’s bleeding Ethan. But Miguel, ever the concerned friend, sent the Coast Guard out to retrieve Dexter from his fishing trip, but he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. Now Miguel knows Dexter killed Ethan…and he’s proud of Dexter! This is the sort of development I’ve been waiting for. Miguel may not know everything about Dexter, but he has an inkling of what Dexter is capable of. My prediction is that Miguel will ask Dexter to be his killing arm, doling out vigilante justice. They’ll be a team. Until Miguel learns too much about Dexter and America’s favorite serial killer has to be absolutely sure that Rita never learns of his darker life. I just hope that the coming collision comes soon—there aren’t that many episodes left, so things have to heat up soon. Miguel and Dexter are fascinating together, but Dexter’s family life is really lacking in tension.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9 P.M. EST on Showtime.


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