Heroes “I Am Become Death” episode review

Hey! An episode I wasn’t completely bored by! I enjoy these trips to the future. (Which of the many Heroes futures did we visit tonight? I’m not entirely sure, but io9 was kind enough to help set people straight.) You get to see characters thrown into new alliances, new haircuts, and you get to ask yourself new questions to fill in the blanks between the years. We get to four years hence via FuturePeter bringing PresentPeter to a New York City populated by people who have used Mohinder’s formula to give themselves powers. I imagine the MTA would still find a way to charge insane fares for flying New Yorkers, but it was a cool image. Personally, if I could pick any superpower, I’d want to teleport. But that aside, people giving themselves abilities will eventually trigger the end of the world. But before FuturePeter can give a better explanation of why that is, Brown-Haired Claire shows up with the Haitian and shoots FuturePeter. PresentPeter (who I guess can now just be plain old whiny emo Peter) escapes.

How did Claire come to work with Daphne and Knox? What is their role in The Company? Matt shares this vision of the future in Africa. How and when does he meet Daphne and father a daughter? Other interesting developments: Mohinder’s formula has rendered him some sort of hideous monster and Tracy Strauss has married Nathan, who is now President Petrelli.

In other surprising offspring news, Sylar, calling himself Gabriel again, gets a visit from Peter in his home while he makes some waffles. He has a son named Noah. And Mr. Muggles, the Bennet family dog, is there, too. This does nothing to dispel the rumors that Mr. Muggles is the evil puppetmaster behind the whole series. Sylar acting decidedly not evil is pretty funny actually. Peter needs Sylar’s creepy diagnostic talents to figure out how to save the world. But as soon as Gabriel shares his ability, Daphne and Knox show up to take out Peter for his meddling in the fate of the world. Knox kills Sylar’s son, causing him to go radioactive, a nice little callback to season one’s radioactive man Ted Sprague. Not so nice is 200,000 people in the Costa Verde area are killed, including Daphne. Peter is captured by the Company but manages to jump back into the present.

There were happenings in the present, too. Mohinder is still useless and suffering from roid rage thanks to his formula. Tracy discovered she is one of a set of triplets, including Niki, who was engineered to have superpowers. Her guilt over the death of the nosy reporter in the season premiere leads her to attempt suicide, but Nathan swoops in to save her from jumping off a bridge. Flying is a great ability, but it is damn hard to pull off effectively on a TV show without straying into cheesy territory. Nathan’s path, Linderman tells him, is tied to saving Tracy and becoming America’s leader. This storyline does nothing for me at all, aside from getting to watch Malcolm McDowell act.

And Hiro and Ando are recruited by Angela Petrelli to dig up Adam Monroe from his grave. And the immortal man was pretty pissed off. I liked this character and I thought the shortened second season didn’t give Adam a fair showing. Here’s to hoping he makes good on the villain label now. Do you think Heroes needs one more character in the mix?


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