New Scientist doing a “science fiction special”

Alison George writes in New Scientist:

Science fiction is all about the future, but what does the future hold for science fiction?

With the death earlier this year of Arthur C Clarke, the last of science fiction’s Golden Age giants, and with mainstream literature becoming increasingly speculative and futuristic, is science fiction as a genre dying out?

We plan to explore this question in a special edition of New Scientist out on 15 November—as well as reviewing the best new science fiction books and talking to some of the world’s leading writers.

But to kick things off, we want you to tell us about your favourite science fiction.

Vote now and win

The first three names drawn out of a (virtual) hat will win the three best science fiction films and books, as voted for by New Scientist readers.

Vote for your favourite sci-fi film (and explain why it’s your favourite)

Vote for your favourite sci-fi book (and tell us why)

They also have a list of their staff’s favorite SF books:

Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “Hitchhiker’s Guide is the out-and-out best sci-fi book by several dead whales and one bowl of petunias. Anyone who disagrees with me is clearly a crass Golgafrinchan who should be forced to listen to Vogon poetry for as long as it takes,” wrote one of our editors.

All right then. Tell them about your favorites!


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