SDCC: Fraggle Rock Season 4 on DVD

In 1983, Jim Henson created Fraggle Rock, a groundbreaking piece of children’s television that still feels fresh and relevant 25 years later. To celebrate the release of season 4 on DVD, as well as a 20-DVD, extras-packed set of the entire show run (both coming in November), Red Fraggle was on hand (with her “friend,” Karen Prell), for a sing-along with a packed audience:

The video quality stinks, but it was also the only public appearance of a Fraggle ever, so hopefully any fans out there will get a kick out of it.

Dave Goelz (voice of Boober Fraggle, among many other Fraggles and Muppets) was also on hand to talk about the amazing environment Jim Henson created on-set.

Explaining his idea for the show, Henson told Goelz, “I want to do a television show that could stop war.” Henson wasn’t naive, Goelz explained, but he was an incredibly optimistic person. Henson wanted Fraggle Rock to be an allegory for the real world, offering lessons to kids (and adults) about resolving conflicts between individuals, species, and the environment.

Members of the cast and crew who came into the project less than thrilled about “working on a puppet show” soon became convinced that they had the best jobs around thanks to Henson’s passion and vision for the show, and footage of the last day of shooting (part of the DVD extras) made it clear that nobody wanted to leave Fraggle Rock behind, despite the punishing weekly shooting schedule and long nights (the DVDs are worth the purchase for extras like that alone). I remember the show fondly (and my wife’s crazy about it) so season 4 will be going on my Netflix queue.

Special Bonus Photo:

Some guy in the audience had an awesome Kermit puppet:

kermit the frog at Comic-Con

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see if he could do the voice…


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