Weird Tales wants your spam

Yes, Weird Tales wants your spam. Specifically, they are running a contest in which they want a piece of flash fiction (stories that are less than 1,000 words, often only a few hundred) inspired by what’s in the spam folder of your e-mail. What a fun contest! From the site:

“Write a flash-fiction story—under 500 words—based on a spam you’ve received. Send it to [email protected] before 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 4. The Weird Tales editorial team will judge them, and three winners will be announced at the Weird Tales reception on Friday, Aug. 8 at the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver!”

Weird Tales has been around as a magazine since 1923, and was where writers like H. P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and even Tennessee Williams broke into the field. Under Ann VanderMeer, the magazine is stepping firmly into modern times. The fiction is still great, too.

So what about it? You got some cool spam? Something inspiring? Go and write your story!

[Photo by Flickr user freezelight, licensed under Creative Commons.]


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