SDCC: Ha-lo in the House

Though my most recent video game experience consisted of blowing myself up in Halo (never throw grenade when facing a wall) and watching my friend mow over pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto 4, seeing Comic Con-goers enthuse over cool new games would make anyone want to play video games all day long. No school for me today, Mom.

The Halo Wars panel with Eric Nylund (author of Halo: The Fall of Reach and Halo: First Strike Onyx), Tobias Buckell (author of the upcoming Halo: The Cole Protocol), game universe writers Graeme Devine (Halo Wars) and Frank O’Connor (the Halo Trilogy), and Jon Goff and Corrinne Robinson (McFarlane Toys’ brand management team for Halo action figures) showed some nice camaraderie and witty repartee as they talked all things Halo to a packed crowd (who asked an awful lot of detailed questions).

GameSpy did great live coverage of the panel, so I offer a few soundbytes from the front row:

Opening remarks from the panelists:

“You guys know this isn’t the Stan Lee panel, right?

“We’re actually here to sell you a timeshare.”

“Frank [O’Connor], is it true that you just woke up?”

On those eagerly anticipating the next Halo novel:

Joseph: “Frank is going to write two Halo novels. Next week.”

Frank: [bending over the table] “I’m doing it right now under the table on my PDA.”

Someone else on the panel: “It’s going to be a picture book.”

On the next Halo book:

Tobias: [leaning over and grinning at Frank] “I don’t know, Frank—am I done with the book? Am I allowed to talk about the book? [pause] Is there a book?”

On how often they play Halo:

Tobias: “Oh, I’m a player.”

John Goff: “Yes, my wife calls it the ‘other woman.'”

Joseph: “My wife hates that I’m a player, too.”


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