Freebies Bonanza

As you know, Bob (a phrase universally understood to precede an Expository Lump, in which one or more characters explain how the world has been changed by the invention of the chronosynclastic bolonium drive), for some months now, has been making free, un-DRMed electronic editions of particular Tor titles, one per week, available to people who register at the page which has been temporarily holding down the URL. This has had some odd side-effects, such as convincing some people that the name of the site you are now looking at will be “Watch the Skies,” or that its main purpose will be to give away free e-books, perhaps along with free cars, savings bonds, real estate, a pony, etc.

At any rate, now that the life of our doughty little holding page is drawing to a close (shed a tear), we thought we’d make everything we gave away there—all the novels, all of the desktop wallpaper—available for one additional week, starting today and running through Sunday, July 27. We’ve even gone back and added formats that weren’t available at first, so all of you who mourned (for instance) the lack of a Mobipocket version of Mistborn can now find happiness. Anyway, get ’em while they’re here. Act now, act without thinking! Full list, with links, below the fold.

Update, 28 July 2008: All taken down now, as previously announced.  Those of you who downloaded this stuff—we hope you enjoy it!


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