Jun 4 2009 9:30am

The Dreaded Question


Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
I'm never asking that question to an author again...
2. Peri1020
This explains some of the books I've read...
Kurt Lorey
4. Shimrod
Didn't see THAT coming! Very entertaining.
Megan Messinger
5. thumbelinablues
I actually thought he was being nice up until the last page! Great comic - so beautiful, so gross. :-)
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
Why do a fear this is biographical? Remind me not to go out drinking with you guys again.

(Congrats, this is awesome!)
Bridget McGovern
7. BMcGovern
Classic :) Love the story, and the art is just exquisite--I could look at these panels all day. You guys are amazing!
Rob Rey
9. robrey
Looks great! I love the writting on the carpet and sheet, real nice.
Scott Daly
10. scottcdaly
Great story Kurt and Zelda. I'm excited to read your next creation!
11. gmauterer
I was wondering where it was going. Quite a twist.
12. Kyle T. Webster
Wow! Totally did NOT see that coming. What a wonderfully creepy idea. I'm forwarding this to some writer friends.
Paul McCall
13. PaulMcCall
It ended as I expected but it didn't get there by the route I expected it to take.
14. matt lampert
Gorgeous--And a darkly clever allegory, to boot.
eric orchard
15. orchard
Totally amazing! Great story and the artwork is incredible.I did not see that ending creeping up on me.
16. Julie Ann
Wow Zelda and Kurt!!! What a great story!! The panels are gorgeous and I loved the twist...perfectly dark and macabre! Fabulous job and so creative!!
18. klagor
If only I could vomit inspiration. It would make my life a lot easier (and my toilet much happier).
19. Retardo
Oh my God, you guys are good. Holy Toledo. Wow.
20. Binnorie
Fantastic! And ever so creepy!!
21. James Kenison
Fantastic. I'd love to own this in print.
22. Kim McDougall
Binge Brainstorming. Love it. Though I did a baby barf.
23. Graham's Mom (Lucy)
Like the man once said, to be a good writer, all you have to do is open a vein (or vomit, I forget which). When can we expect more?
24. Chris Dary
So uh. Where'd you get the idea for this?
Richard Fife
25. R.Fife
Oh, random quotey-butchering thought:

"Good artists copy, great artists steal" - P. Picasso

"Master artists hide the evidence." - R. Gantz
26. nashife
Haha this is awesome! I wouldn't be surprised if the inspiration for this was feeling sick of people asking this question over and over again. Excellent work!
27. Brian Bowes
Ah--MAZING! Story: Great, Art work: Fantastic! There are some delicious bits in there! Wonderfully drawn figures and faces, interesting painterly style, Amazing!

Congratulations Kurt and Zelda!
28. Joe A. Melendez
Usually I read something once and never again. I've read this a few times now. Truly enjoyed it.

29. Chris Soprano
It is good to see some quality sequential art.

Great story and pacing. The concise Twilight Zone twist works great.

The panel with the ink on the sheets is my favorite.

Keep up the great work.

30. Kris C.
Loved it! It even made me curious about the inspiration for this story.

Aspiring writer: "Mr. Successful Author, where do you get your ideas?"

Successful Author: "If I hear that question one more time, I think I'm going to throw up. ...Hmmm, now there's an idea for a story..."
Joanna Estep
31. Jou
Creepy story! I really enjoyed it... and the colors were particularly wonderful.
Angel Banchev
32. Tiranas
@ 2 Indeed it does...

But excellent story, definitely The Twilight Zone material. Also the colours are truly truly beautifull. The second to last panel has just become my favourite picture. Can`t wait for more of your material guys. You trully have a unique view on things...Keep it up.
33. G Manchess
Yeah, I saw it coming....from YOU GUYS! Absolutely dead on. Man, you've been holding out. And then POW. Double whamy: good story, GREAT art. I was pulled in immediately. More, you two, more!
34. dangoldman
Wow, that read like a classic Twilight Zone story... and the artwork is gorgeous as well; I really appreciated the purple invading the story once the blossom was boiled. Well done!
35. RayFawkes
Beautiful. I loved it.
36. dan glass
yow. friggin brilliant, and otherworldly as usual. I mean, like, where do you guys get your ideas... mm
37. dknippling
38. Ernest Smith
Thanks for the story. Beautiful art and sentimentality. I enjoyed many elements including the intro, exchange of number, blank journals, blossom tea, writing on floor & sheets, corpse. Great short story. I look forward to more.
39. mondytriggers
I found this by accident. pretty good work. my favourite panels are the ones where rudolph throws the journals to the floor. it shows he's used to it, it's the movement that would come from someone who has done this a lot in the past.

have a look at this.maybe adds to the story in a way you probably didn't expect.

Joost Schuur
40. jschuur
So the cute book store girl is free for a date? What store does she work in?
41. cujo
Why do they have Stephen King wear a bow tie in this story?
42. S.Stern
Fantastic!! Loved the ending and the art is gorgeous! ^^
Wendy Chua
43. wchua
Wow. That was unexpected. Remind me to never ask an author that question again!

I loved the details. The words on the bedsheet and pillow case, the inky smudges. All of them made it so much more fantastic.
44. pylkko
Wonderful. I love the idea how story is build. The magick trick to a easy living and glory. Colourworld and details stunningly well done.
45. Keith Barry
Twistier than I expected. Nicely done!
Love the shifting colours and the textured BGs.
47. Russen
Great work!!!! Fun story, with inspiringly fresh color and lines :) :) :)
48. counterview
49. Kyle Sobanja
Wow, absolutely wonderful. I've had a kind of chinese tea that has a blossom just like that - it starts in an odd ball and opens up in the hot water, and then ascends to the top of the fluid.
Gorgeous, witty work!
52. Acid42
Brilliant. Love the ending. Quite Stephen King-ish if you ask me.
Nicole Brown
53. gaimanfan
Brendan Buck
54. ColonelBrendan
We all have our processes. Some of us just happen to drain life out of other writers.
Zalo Zyklon
55. ZaloInExile
That explains Everything!
Neat story, Love the art too, Especially on the last few pages.
Aaron Miller
57. aaronmiller
awesome short story. there is so much packed into such a small space. really well done.
Robert Esckelson
59. Esck86
This is one of my favorites here at Tor. I can recall some of the illustrations with crystal clarity days after looking at them. It's haunting and entertaining to say the very least.
60. Windthin
For those unfamiliar with White Wolf's Changeling game, this is precisely how I imagine a Ravaging to be, that horrific thievery of imagination and inspiration.

Perhaps I am far too suspicious by nature, perhaps it's that that this was shown to me with that preface, but I expected a dark ending. I was not certain which of them was going to be the villain, however, and the visual effect and medium by which the villainy was accomplished were glorious.
Eric Sonsa
61. yuppy1502
What a surprise. It is awesome, the artwork alone is well worth it.
63. Roybotica
I love the art. Well, I was a little horrified by the thought of it all, but the colors made up for it. I notice how once he gets the tea, everything goes purple.

Really great work here.
64. Brooklen
Fucking awesome.
65. ChrisWalters
Amazing short story. I'd ask where your inspiration camefrom but id be afraid to find myself meeting the same demise. Keep up the good work. Fantastic stuff!
Gina 'Oz Pound
66. KawaiiOz
Wow, that was completely intriguing and chilling. Amazing work.
68. Adamanta
Wow, VERY dark! I love it!!! Absolutely freaky.
69. Santiago Eximeno
Ah, great comic!
70. Amanda Youngblood
I use this story with my 9th graders, and they love it (after being slightly grossed out). Great job! Please never erase this!
72. Ashlee Stephan
Is it weird that this makes me really want to write?
73. Enti
Reminds me greatly of the character Rohan Kishibe, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable. Anyone familiar with his ability would interpret the words this comic's character puked out to be his memories and thoughts, or life story. This is brilliant, unapologetically gross, and charming.

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