Steampunk Fortnight
Steampunk Fortnight

Last year at around this time, was deep in the throes of Steampunk Month, our first attempt to focus on a specific topic for a short period of time and see what we could say about it. A year later, steampunk is still hunting for the tiniest glimmers of recognition within mainstream culture. Whereas, in our corner of the world, you can’t take more than a few steps without encountering a glittering new dirigible or an old standby whose brass accents are being buffed to a high sheen. Everyone has an opinion about steampunk these days.*

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t new people coming to the scene every day, new paths being forged, and new twists on the already mind-boggling resurgence of Victorian science fiction. For the next two weeks (October 20-November 3, 2010), will survey the field and see where some of these developments are headed, as well as trying to discuss some of our favorite topics with new depth.

Welcome to Steampunk Fortnight. Everything old is new again, again.

This series was completed on November 02, 2010
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