Jul 26 2014 7:00pm

Once Upon a Time Running Out of Ideas, Hopes You’ll Watch a Villain Named “Frank Matterhorn”

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Usually the best TV and movie gag reels feature the cast, but we can’t stop giggling over this “behind-the-scenes” video from the writers’ room of Once Upon a Time. Ever wonder how the writers’ room decides which fairy tale characters to reboot? We get our answer in this really funny video, screened at the show’s San Diego Comic Con panel.

At the writers’ room “mini-camp” (“it’s not really a camp”), the topic of the day is villains. And they’ve got some pretty loopy brainstorms for who the season 4 baddie should be. Plus, the inspiration behind the show’s upcoming Frozen arc.

Seriously, this video’s jokes are better than some of the references they drop on the show:

“We were going to do Little Miss Muppet and Wee Willie Winkie.”
“Web Standards didn’t like the Willie.”
“Or his winkie.”

“The Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp scare the hell out of me.” (US TOO. WHAT ARE THEY PLOTTING?)

“The Matterhorn!”
“As... a villain?”
“Frank! ...Matterhorn.”

Then they resort to calling Lost’s Carlton Cuse—on a red Dharma phone! Love. It.

Ultimately, the inspiration for Frozen comes from the most unexpected (and tasty) of places....

Can this be a web series? It already stars Jane Espenson.

1. Deborahlee
Cute. But shame on you all.

Marilynn Byerly
2. MByerly
They brought Cruella to the set for a screen test, but she mistook Red's wolf for a dog, and before you could say, "instant karma," she was inside of the wolf instead of the wolf on the outside of her.

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