Jul 17 2014 11:17am

Falcon is the New Captain America!

Sam Wilson, Captain America

It’s not exactly unusual for people other than Steve Rogers to take up Captain America’s iconic shield, but coming off the announcement of the brand new female Thor, this is liable to stir the pot even more—Sam Wilson (also known as Falcon) will be Cap in the comics, starting this October.

This seems a more than fitting swap; Sam Wilson was Marvel's first black American superhero when he debuted in 1969, and letting him take over while Rogers is down for the count is an admirable choice. (It looks like Steve is being de-serumed? Poor guy. We imagine he’ll cause trouble regardless, just not in his typical duds.) It also makes sense for Marvel to go with Wilson given his recent screen debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where he was played with effortless charm by Anthony Mackie. Remember this guy? Marvel is saying. You love this guy! And they’re right; Sam Wilson was instantly endearing on film, and is also fascinating character comics-side to put into that red-white-and-blue uniform.

The announcement came with Joe Quesada’s appearance on The Colbert Report (which led to this amazing illustration of Colbert becoming Falcon in Wilson’s absence). With these major changes in Marvel’s lineup, some fans are speculating that Tony Stark is next for the benching. Will he stick around, or perhaps be replaced by Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor? Either way, it should be fun to see where this goes, and what it means for Avengers comics as well as the Captain America mythos.

jeff hendrix
1. templarsteel
It's weird so many people are weirding out over this, Steve Rogers has been replaced as Captain America four times now and from current news Tony Stark is going to be a villain, which fits Stark perfectly since Civil War
Mordicai Knode
2. mordicai
I've always thought Luke Cage would be a good Captain America. Mostly because, eff yeah, Luke Cage, but his experiences with the corrupt justice system & unethical medical experimentation is part of America's shameful Reality; seeing him overcome it to believe in the American Dream would be a good pitch.
Craig Sanders
3. CASanders
There is no other character in the Marvel Universe more suited to the shield than The Falcon. I hope he gets to keep his wings. How awesome would a flying Cap be?
Christopher Bennett
4. ChristopherLBennett
@3: Well, it would certainly give new meaning to flying our colors.
5. Ragnarredbeard
Yay, more change for ... umm, why?
Christopher Bennett
6. ChristopherLBennett
@5: Why not? Change creates interest in the comics. It's been a tried-and-true technique for decades. The fact that we're talking about it here proves it's effective.
rob mcCathy
7. roblewmac
I'M very pro this idea as they have sort of been playing with it since like 1975. Falcon was created to be Cap's equal after ALL.
Chris Nelly
8. Aeryl
@5 Because a growing portion of Marvel's fan base has been asking for more mainstream headline attention for characters from marginalized populations?
Alan Brown
10. AlanBrown
I am looking forward to this. Sam has been working with Cap for years, and is well qualified to fill the role. But I still have one unfulfilled wish. I also hope that they find another person to fill the role of Cap's writer, since I am not a fan of Mr. Remender.
Craig Sanders
14. CASanders
@10. I agree. I'd like to see Ed Brubaker take the reins again.
Christopher Bennett
15. ChristopherLBennett
By the way, this isn't the first time Sam Wilson has served as Captain America. He briefly adopted the role in a 2-part story by Mark Waid in 1998, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 and #9.
Alan Brown
16. AlanBrown
@15 I'd forgotten about that one. Folks who don't read the comics don't realize just how much tinkering there has been over the years. I think it was in the '80s that Marvel tried to create an encyclopedia for all their superheroes, I remember my son used to buy the pages, and keep them in a three hole binder. That was about the peak of efforts to develop a consistent continuity for the characters, and after that time the twenty or thirty years of continuity got a little too burdensome, and the concept of "retconning" started to appear. Comic heros are 0ur new folk tales, and there are many varations on the themes.

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